May 5th

3 years ago

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Hi, I was pleased that the day old Pizza lasted two days old and was good for breakfast. This is the last of the discount Pizza Hut’s they’re taking their sales away. I ate a lot of pizza over this. Like you have no idea. I could show you and you still wouldn’t be able to comprehend because not all the piles of pizza boxes are showing but there are 50 pizza boxes over there probably And the funny thing is once you get past three, it’s a collection. So I’m not sure I want to throw them out. You know, this is more impressive as a pile of 50 pizza boxes in the corner than the story of a 50. That’s how I have. My Hershey’s Kiss rappers. It’s is it collecting and hoarding? I might be a hoarder now. Yeah. I guess that’s enough. It’s an update for the day.

That doesn’t work. I’m sincerely glad you’ve been able to hold onto yours. Period The mind is a horrible thing to lose. Period Except on Sundays My friend in Hamilton has been working in the covid positive Ward.

Which is extra scary for her.

In Hamilton

I think we are nearing the point where some things will be relaxed. But I know. A second wave will probably hit when that happens and then everyone will regret it. Some people probably won’t leave their houses again. Period

In other news, I might have found an income to replace my rent paying income, which is all I needed to relax relax. Sorry hypnosis and that could be good. The job isn’t from a stable person though, but it would have possibly allow me to feel good about myself and have some income and expand from there. So that is good. I just I just don’t want it to be another job. I shouldn’t have taken but I did because I needed the money and if I’m capable of doing what the job entails. Without making it feel making me feel bad about it instead of good about it. Which kind of happened on my last job. Although it kind of happens in my brain in general. Juno So we’ll see today will be a deciding day for that. I think it’s also the damn she got dabs in so we’ll see how that affects it.

I just think that people discovering home delivery is so amazing. Period

That is awesome. I had no idea you could quote. In here with that just copy and paste or is there a quote function? That is awesome.

I didn’t know you could do it in Messenger as well, but Now I do and forward as well. I see. Period

Good to know. Period I have a tip on how you record without holding the record button. That not everyone knows I think.

I only discovered it was possible to quote replies this morning period just now. So This was a call back just to show the feature I learned. Well, the job is for somebody. That Gains their income From A source that could end spontaneously Period In other words the job could suddenly end. Without warning If the employer gets caught him arrested. Period

The job isn’t illegal. But the income is Period

It does however fit my criteria of The minimum amount of income I need to pay my rent. And No SI n number required Period

The job also

No period They do not sell pornography Jimmy. I don’t know honestly how anyone sells pornography these days period

Y comma are you looking for some pear? Nog Rafi question mark giggle I think I could negotiate the job into something that keeps me active but allows me to help lots of people. And eventually I I want to build up my web business ideas because many of them are designed to help people get an income that don’t necessarily want to work. I see. You want a custom Snapchat page just like all the others.

I’ll stop making joke guesses in case I hit it on but what is it you’re looking for specifically question mark I thought that might be it, but you’ve been very clear in the Oh. Forums that you haven’t been into that period There are so many webcam girls though. There are. Making good money some of them. Period Both in this world and in the second life world period I have some tips. Because when I had my inheritance money I was A fan of a couple of web girls and on ecstasy would overspend, but I do know that A number of tricks Can be helpful period one of my close friends started the webcam business even before the internet and made a killing.

There are three main ways of making money as a sexy girl four if you count prostitution period Webcamming and that’s free. To do but you keep a percentage of the profits. And in order to be a success, you have to be very regular. And fun period I have tips for that second Snapchat Customs are usually about 30 or $40 and you only need guys to pay once. Period And you just create? Content there Much less effort than webcamming, but probably harder to promote and make big bucks period often web cameras will have a Snapchat separate. And each promotes the other period

Third Is Second life where you can make a hundred dollars or more a day.

Without being seen . Audio or Text only. From sex sessions with an avatar period And lastly Doing phone sex Which is Probably the easiest Because the phone just rings and you try and keep that person on the line as long as you can period

That was a really long message. I probably should have just talked it. There is another option which is recreational or Erotic Hypnosis, which I believe could make lots of money, but again need to promotion needs to get into a community. People tend to stick with the same person if they like that for a while. Anyway, I know a fair amount about all of this considering who I am. So I like answering questions. I will happily help in any way I can and I’ll make the promotional website for you if you decide to go that route.

I would suggest. I think that your specialty. Should be funny stoner girl. Period You would get many more fans. Being high Than being Well, I shouldn’t say that. I don’t know your sexy voice. Period I do know however that the webcam girls that talk more get more fans even though you might think the opposite period The women who are laughing and getting high and giggling have a fan base that sticks with them and they get more fans when new users hit their box and they are tight talking rather than just sitting there. Period

Stoners love to see Stoners on the chat room, and there’s very few of them. I’m sure I spent.

Not probably not over $1000, but I’m sure I’ve spent up to that on one or two women. Who were high with me on webcams for seven or eight months? That’s not a lot of money.

But It’s an indication that even people who are poor. Spend money talking to women. Period

I know I spent $5,000 in Second Life the first year. And a lot of that was to one woman. Period My first online love Period Also my first Discovery of Meth . I’d spent four days in second life straight with Another meth girl Period

The secret is as a woman. You don’t have to spend anything period you just have to get the guys to spend. Period That’s why I have a woman in second life, too. Period Giggle

Well, hello again. I’ve been thinking about your messages. And I’m sure we can work something out, but you should know that I’m in the same boat as you. I mean, I’m not. Financially in well, I might have been the same boat as you there, but I’m not. Stable in my life Much more than you are. So as you started that message. I had a good idea of what I could do for you and that would be well worth that amount of money. But then you started to go on a little bit and daydream into thinking that I am the ultimate solution to your life and I can organize your finances and your business and your taxes and I don’t do that for me. I need that for me. But what I think I can do. I’m not I’m not sure Ike I’m not going to do your taxes. That’s for absolute sure. I don’t do my taxes and that’s the whole reason. I’m not getting bonus money right now. I did my taxes I’d be I could probably get $2,000 right now. And more But I could. If you were quote-unquote my boss for that amount of money. I could start doing a lot of Vy plans for Online support in business and income Under The house of superior name or a new name? We work out together. Simultaneously, I would continue to work on your promotion and a character or a what whatever we figure out we want to do with Summer Discord or you or house in Superior. And and that, you know, we can build that up but there are some other ideas that I’ve had for quite some time in the weed and drug-related world. That This income would excite me enough to start development on some of those and continue development on some of those and bring in some other people and Share that with you.

I think I just have to decide whether or not I will feel guilty. Or joyed And I you know. I think it’s a low enough value that you said yes to it quickly enough that you won’t feel guilty about the results that I will give you for that amount of money and all it does for me is allow me to relax and not worry about rent ever again, and that’s all really I you know, I really worry about And if it’s a success, then I can wean off my other stress business and build this one up and be happy because Beyond rent. My other expenses are being covered by my business, but it’s stressful. No, I’d rather it not to be. So we should meet again. I slept through yesterday. So I’m sorry if you got dabs. I’m very excited about that. I also need some more Tina and that’s it for a while. And if you can just afford to come into the kitchen every time for a few minutes will Be regulars and Grill. We’ll figure it out. It’s exciting. Yeah, I mean. Yeah, I think it’s beneficial to both of us.

Well, let me think about one of the ideas that I have that might help you make a simple page to sell things that you share only with people you want to. And practice Go into some of the the kick rooms that have dirty chat or call Night Exchange. There’s actually several voice chat lines that you can call and practice on. And see the reaction you get and And then create a Snapchat as well. So all of those are easy and free to try and you might hate it and you might love it. I once one of the very first times I did acid met up with two women from the chat line and when I came to the house, she said okay just want to tell you that if the phone rings you got to be quiet and you can’t laugh I said, what do you mean she says

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