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The supervised bullet notes

I'm glad I remembered the title because there was lemon cake and ... well.. Lemon cake. The origin story of lemon cake for me, goes all the way back to when I never...

Point form open window, but the dog looks at my hand

idea: reset the ... brain apparently.  (edit. If I can figure out how to get every new blog post to use the Divi, then I can actually accumulate the post it notes on the side.   I smile at how sneaky the... Blog therapy, video therapy, fame therapy, pizza therapy....


If you believe that the story is the only prize. The story is all. The storyeller are the winners. If you believe in the story, then there is little difference between good and bad. If you understand the power of creating your own stories, then any situation no longer...

I am an idiot. Make fun of me at my own expence

I don't feel high, but I've made a few high stoner type blunders today. Correcting people using the wrong YOU'RE. An Opinion. I understand we're not perfect. I make a lot of errors when I type that I often ask you to excuse. I even have a gigantic blog that I announce...

It happend this night. I switched

I was about ti wrute a new blog post this Tu Restart. I had the auto correct settings slightly wrong. I'm happy with my choice to change my own normal. I both love and hate change depending on how much notice I have. I can not however livecwithout change. The greatest...

Memento Blogging

I just realized my Blog is like the movie Memento. It can be read backwards, and you learn what everything means in reverse, eventually. Imagine if I wrote it as a book, but one that was designed and styled to be read backwards. You start at age 100 with the current...

Eric the half a bee.

As I was falling asleep with my mouth slightly open because if the congestion when I heard a bee. I can't be sure that it was Abby, but it was certainly louder than an average fly. It might have been an above-average fly. I've seen some really big flies over the past...