idea: reset the … brain apparently.  (edit. If I can figure out how to get every new blog post to use the Divi, then I can actually accumulate the post it notes on the side.


I smile at how sneaky the…

Blog therapy, video therapy, fame therapy, pizza therapy.

There will be a lot of invisible pauses I think.I will get into a grove at some point. I think I will side withe the defence and apologize for being too intence, and …

Wel, I’ve tried I think 5 escorts in my entire life at varying costs, quite frequently when I could certain;ly not afford it.


One story I do remember… Well Appaerntly not. You see, I have an ear pice to the van out that window but he stopped talking to me.

the fight so far… The loop I am living now, long past the point where I switched to actually being a drug user. I heard some say that I can’t be sure if I’m an addict until I try to quit. Till then, I assume it won’t be a problem.

—One battle they don’t teach you in drug education….. Ok, it’s likie that eh? Third day blogs are babble.

Hello. My name is Orange Jeff, and I live in an alternate universe which exists on computers interconnected world wide on the Internet.


Dear person of the future. I occasionally get some of my frustrations in life out of mt systemby ending myself notes from the past..

I want



Hello I am going to tell my story changing the names. I am looking for a long term relastionship with Somebody as great as … well, no. I was about the say Rosanne. She was the one who ran that house… but she yelled.




Some ofmy fears. My reactions to things are quite frequently either not what you’re expecting, or a moment later when you’re not ready. This LBM

I am in search of the right woman. It would be so much easier if she were searching for me too, because it’s just not working for me. For my dating life in this new world is futile and really very bad for my up hill batle to stay confident about who I am. It’ still way to easy to.

Here is the problem. Whoa.  That isn’t right. ok… we’ll edit this all out right?

random guilt.

The thoughts are not sticking arond very long tonight. My o face is just me saying o tonight and I want to finish most sentences about 5 words in, max.

I have been trying to write something great in the big white box we now use to impress our mate. Opening line jokes had a very brief period where over the top bad could sometimes just squeak in as the opener and then you can denounce or cheer that team or side or which ever one she smiles at.

The next day’s blog doesn’t matchup to my memory of the night before. I’m moving on.




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