The Orange Shirt Blogs

Talking to the camera.

I’ve been recording videos and blogging for many years but only recently started putting some of them online. 
This is a collection of some of those videos.

Disclaimer: Many of these were recorded while high on weed.

The Lava Lamps

Last day of 2018 - I did it! I’ve had a webcam and a Lava Lamp in my office or bedroom since I discovered the original X10 boxes. Some of you may remember X10. For a while, their ads were plastered everywhere. My roommate at the time wrote a small utility to activate...

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Day in Review

This is a recap video compiled from snapshots taken throughout the day. Videos like this area available for the previous three days by clicking any of the webcam live feeds. This video contains no audio.

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Friday December 7th

The Friday night video was recorded after a nice DAB toke of quality indica shatter. In other words, I got really high and started talking to the camera. Videos like this are often very abstract and hard to follow because my A.DD really kicks in when I'm...

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The Honest Liar

   Yet another beautiful woman requesting to friend me on Facebook, despite actually being an African with a stolen picture.  

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This blog is created using my voice

It's not perfect, however with a little bit of experimentation, I suspect it might actually do some good. I will compare it to the Microsoft speech recognition which is also a part of Windows 10 operating system and we'll see whether or not it's better or worse. I am...

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Blogging via Microsoft Mail – Shrink Week 1

When I have no Internet, the Microsoft Mail program included with Windows 10 still does the spellcheck, so it's a pretty good editor for blogging. Today I realized it can actually be used to send directly to the Wordpress Blog.  I used a Star Trek reference to my...

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A real E-Nail Dab bong rip

At first I didn't see the amount of smoke on the exhale that I expected, so of course - I did another one. Another few actually. Still no exhale smoke. I did some nice long rips too. I remember being complimented on how big an inhale I could do back when I was first...

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Trying Something New

I I am testing a new keyboard that has a silent spacebar for when I'm blogging late at night. The previous spacebars were apparently to loud for her, although they wayI type has alwaysa been particularly gard on the spacebar, all the way back to the Commodore...

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The wait

As I sit in the waiting room on the fifth floor of the hospital I am trying my best not to think sbiit today's session with the doctor. It's week two and we have some extra time. Last week we doesn't some if it in silence while I tried to figure out how to feel...

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