Studio Webcams

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been a performer working for smiles. My first webcams were fake, but as soon as they became available for computers, I’ve had one pointing at me for much of my adult life. I’m not quite sure the psychology behind it, but I seem to be more productive when I’m being watched.

Live Studio Webcams

The Bedroom Desktop

This is a display of the current screen on my Bedroom computer where I often play Second Life and look at stuff from bed.

IP Webcam

IP Webcam for Android phones and Tablets is an incredible way to turn an abandoned phone or tablet and put it to good use anywhere in your home as a webcam, baby monitor or even two-way doorbell or video intercom.

Day and Night

The home office is located in The Eastern Time Zone (EST) which is 0-500GWT.  Please be respectful and not keep rining the chat at 4am.


These webcams are live in the living space of Orange Jeff. He doesn’t leave this space very often which means you are very likely to see him naked, being disgusting in all manner of ways including more masturbation than you might expect.

Or not.